Sady the Cleaning Lady.

I refer this article to my own demise of having to select a cleaner for my house over the weekend.

Being in a bit of a filthy state, slowly letting the cleanliness get away from me, I make the decision to have a professional cleaner come in and bring some effective life back into the place.

However not dealing with any professional cleaners in the past, I had to first pick one.

I am known to be quite fussy, and at times this can be a problem, but in the same regard I am trying to ensure that I am satisfied with my decision knowing that all basis have been covered and accounted for.

So what did I look at when choosing the right company to clean my house?

Firstly, I looked at what they advertised. In regard to the services they offered, ensuring that they fit intot he scope of my cleaning requirements, which included essentially everything from tiles, carpets, walls, bathrooms, windows, just about the lot.

Secondly I looked at their reviews if they had any to decipher would other people have thought of their service, which significantly helps to gain a better understanding.

I looked at things such as their years of experience essentially going off the fact that more experience, not always, but a lot of the time would contribute towards a greater result.

Lastly I looked at their prices to determine which would be the greatest value for money.

After all this, in addition to contacting friends/family members about their experience with cleaners. I opted to choose Carpet Cleaning Perth (

Though relitevely new onto the scene, they filled all my criteria. They had a great range of services that covered my cleaning needs, they provided great information about themselves and their services. They had great reviews from other people who have used their services.

Making contact with them, they instantly responded to my information requests providing me with great prices and package options that were significantly

Transport, Decisions and Improvements

Transport, Decisions and Improvements


One of these areas is transport system. This is a big topic for me, and surprising subconsciously a big topic for everyone. Everyone uses some form of transport every single day, and when you are sitting in traffic all day every day trying to get to or from work or elsewhere, or perhaps you are trying to do the right thing and catch public transport but the bus or train is so full or full of smelly people. Or perhaps people using vehicles that take up the size of two car parking bays, or pump out enough fumes to be the primary cause of Greenhouse gas. Let’s make some changes in our decisions shall we.

If improvements were made to the transport system and the decisions we make in using transport there could be a greater sense of order within the means of getting to and from places and people would be more comfortable, less stress and enjoying more of life.

Some people choose to gets around in high luxury sports cars driven for them or perhaps such as Perkins himself using a stretch limo that gets him and only him around places. Who needs a limousine to get one person anywhere? Whilst we are all stuck in traffic he will either have special clearance to divert it or at the least the plush comfort of sitting back in his fancy comfort cars watching TV or refreshing himself on the mini bar.

Whilst we are bumper to bumper or arm pit to arm pit he is talking about making world peace. At the least he could do something about our transport system and re-invent the wheel which will benefit everybody. Give people more options, allow for more positive deicions, make promotion of doing the right thing and acknowledge those who make good choices.

Advertisement should place emphasis on improving the success and usage rate of better systems and encourage better actions. Im sure people would love to add more lanes to the roads, more incentives to using public transport and more public transport services available. Create better intersections, different times of travel, and incentives for alternative travel or carpooling. This will equal more efficient and effective roads and also help the environment.

Think about how you get to work or your place of destination. What shapes your decisions, time, exercise, availability? who knows. But we all use transport and we need to maximise effects on all fronts.

Want to know what decision means, click here

Perkins For US Senate – Making a Decision

Perkins For US Senate – Making a Decision

This blog is essentially about campaigning and making choices based on voting decisions. Weighing up the variable factors that you take into account when making a choice.

This is not based on Perkins for senate as such, but rather what inspired me when I was in the US and saw how they would campaign or like the shops do ‘advertise’ their product, in this case the senate position. And just like the adverts that we see everywhere it is cast out to the reasons why something is greater than the other or why something should be picked, or why someone such as Perkins should be elected as Senate.

We then take this information, put the variables together and then make a decision as to which option we are going to take, which product we are going to buy or who we are going to elect to lead us. Decisions are made every day from getting out of bed and what clothes we are going to wear, the food we will eat and our modes of transport to name just a few